The Long Story:

There's an old adage about the Tree of Liberty you may be familiar with; how it must be replenished with the blood of tyrants every so often, etc. That whole thing.

The same concept holds truer still, in my opinion, for human curiosity. Our collective curiosity; that which propels us forward, pushes us to pick up where others left off and explore beyond the boundaries of what we currently know and accept.

Let’s call it the Tree of Wonder. Likewise it must also be replenished not with blood, but with stories. Whether new stories or old ones updated and re-adapted for new audiences, our Tree of Wonder needs them to replenish the collective curiosity of every new generation. To inspire us to look beyond, to dream about what could be, to reconsider what we know about ourselves and the world around us, to direct our gaze upwards towards the stars in a manner of speaking, more important now than ever in the times we live in.

I consider myself inexpressibly fortunate for the opportunity to bring mine and others’ stories forward to audiences. The opportunity to perhaps, with a little luck, replenish the Tree of Wonder and watch it flourish.


The Short Story:

Carlos J. Matos is an independent film director and photographer working at the intersection of fashion, music, and cinema. He lives in Madrid, Spain with his cat Valentine.

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Carlos J. Matos
EU — +34 666 382 479
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