Carlos J. Matos [he/him] is a Puerto Rican-born, award-nominated screenwriter and director working at the intersection of culture and narrative.

Marked by a relentless obsession with otherness, Carlos’ work often explores the tyranny of cycles, structures of power, and the way they influence personal identity. His writing gravitates toward rebellious, high-concept stories that utilize genre as a universally accessible framework for shared meaning.

His debut short films, BLINK. and 2091, have been recognized internationally for their unique presentation and style. His latest project SECOND LAW, an ambitious animated film blending analog and digital elements, is set to premiere in 2023.


Sony Pictures Animation x The Black List Writers Program - Fallen Skies - RUNNER-UP // Stowe Story Labs - Fallen Skies - SELECTED PROJECT // Austin Film Festival - Fallen Skies - SECOND ROUNDER // Launch Pad Pilot Competition - Fallen Skies - SECOND ROUNDER

Austin Film Festival - The Wind Howls - SECOND ROUNDER // ScreenCraft Film Fund - The Wind Howls - Semifinalist // Final Draft Big Break - The Wind Howls - Quarterfinalist // PAGE Screenwriting Awards - The Wind Howls - Quarterfinalist

London Fashion Film Festival - 2091 - FINALIST - Best Visual & Special Effects // Toronto Independent Film Festival - FINALIST - 2091 - Best Int'l Short // Los Angeles Fashion Film Festival - 2091 - Official Selection // Miami Film Festival - Blink. - Official Selection // New York Latino Film Festival - Blink. - Official Selection

SHORT to the Point - Blink. - FINALIST - Best Horror Short // Oregon Short Film Festival - Blink. - FINALIST - Best Horror Short // Austin Micro Film Festival - Blink. - Semifinalist - Best Horror Short


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Madrid, Spain