The Long Story:

I find absolutes, in the figurative sense, quite tedious. Black or white, A or B, Pepsi or Coke; absolutes are like the end of a rope. Instead I prefer the undefined middle, neither here nor there.

I grew up a punk-obsessed kid in Puerto Rico at a time when the dominant culture remained largely insular, and later spent my formative years in Boston then Austin hanging out at basement shows and dive bars as usually (with few exceptions) the only Latinx in the room. I wasn’t exactly an outcast, but I never quite fit in this or that crowd either. I straddled the line, learning to occupy the space in between and finding comfort in places most people seem to avoid instinctively.

I’ve spent my life becoming familiar with the middle, the space where worlds meet. Identities, cultures, ideas, myths; in other words people, and the things they create. It's an ambiguous place, uncomfortable and rarely conflict-free, but filled with great possibility. It's also where I do my best work—a little further out, just past the point where your feet touch bottom, where you may suddenly find yourself somewhere exciting and unexpected.


The Short Story:

Carlos J. Matos is an independent film director and photographer working at the intersection of fashion, music, and cinema. He lives in Madrid, Spain with his cat Valentine.

For assignments, commissions, or inquiries contact:

Carlos J. Matos
EU — +34 666 382 479
US — +1 617 717 8382