1. Blink.

    14 Mar 2020
    My first short film, Blink., is finally available to the public! Premiered in North America at the Rio Grind Film Festival in Vancouver as part of their official selection and in Europe at the SHORT to the Point Film Festival in Bucharest, where it was a semi-finalist in the…

  2. Las Malditas

    14 Nov 2019
    I’m extremely excited to finally share this collaboration, shot over the summer, with directors Bea Hohen, Bruno Ojeda, and my good friend Adonis Macias, DOP.  It was an honor to work with such a stellar crew and shoot both set stills and poster images for this project. The film, titled …

  3. Las Grietas

    17 Jun 2019
    Earlier this year I was commissioned by filmmaker Valentino R. Sandoli to shoot poster art and unit stills for his new short film Las Grietas, starring Spanish actresses Cecilia Freire and Cristina Marcos. We had a ton of fun on this project, mainly thanks to an amazing (and talented)…

  4. The Line — Blog

    03 Oct 2018
    Created as a series of screen grabs from a fictional 1970s film and shot in 2:1 anamorphic format, The Line is a unique cinematic take on the traditional fashion editorial. Published in Fashion Grunge issue #3.I didn’t know where we were going or if they’d ever catch up to


    08 May 2018
    Starting over in a new city is a daunting enough task as it is, even more so when that city happens to be halfway across the planet. That was the challenge I took on when I decided to relocate from Austin, TX to Madrid, Spain last fall. Immigration, visas, shutting…