2091 Teaser

After a year and a half of work, of blood sweat and tears, of headaches and setbacks, of complex and seemingly endless post-production, but most importantly uplifting collaboration with indescribably talented people who kept me going through it all, my latest project is nearly ready.

It is, without a doubt, the most ambitious thing I’ve ever attempted to do. It almost fell apart at one point, and never would have come together were it not for the hard work and tireless dedication of certain individuals. I will never stop being grateful to them: Assistant Director Irene Montes, who pulled a damn near unsalvageable production schedule from the brink and saw it through, Producer Ana Hernando Reyes, who kept us all calm and focused when everything seemed to crumble around us, and of course DOP Adonis Macias and his lighting department, who took a last-minute idea of mine, ran with it, and created a workable environment for us to shoot in after the set that was supposed to be never materialized.

It is with great excitement and honor I present the teaser for 2091, a sci-fi/fashion film made in collaboration with the incredible people at Zer Collection (go check them out immediately after watching this) and the production team at Trampoline.

Special mention goes to my partner Eloise d’Estienne-d’Orves, responsible for creating the jaw-dropping poster art.

Watch out for it later this year.