Drinking from Shoes at FEST 15

For those not familiar, FEST is an annual punk rock music festival currently on its 15th year that takes over downtown Gainesville, FL every October. That’s the short of it, because describing it as merely a music festival doesn’t come close to capturing the magic of FEST. It’s the one special time of year when thousands of punk kids now turned jaded adults come together from all over the world to party, enjoy music, and generally have the best time possible fueled by criminal amounts of PBR. It’s a zero bad vibes kind of environment where perfect strangers suddenly become family for one weekend—a loud and slightly drunker summer camp for weirdos like myself.

As it’s been the case in years past I got to see a bunch of my favorite bands in small, intimate clubs, discover new favorites, and make several new friends I’ll be looking forward to visiting in the near future. Until next year, y’all.