1. The Line

    03 Oct 2018
    Created as a series of screen grabs from a fictional 1970s film and shot in 2:1 anamorphic format, The Line is a unique cinematic take on the traditional fashion editorial. Published in Fashion Grunge issue #3.I didn’t know where we were going or if they’d ever catch up to


    08 May 2018
    Starting over in a new city is a daunting enough task as it is, even more so when that city happens to be halfway across the planet. That was the challenge I took on when I decided to relocate from Austin, TX to Madrid, Spain last fall. Immigration, visas, shutting…

  3. PNW

    28 Oct 2017
    Snapshots collected during a recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, from the Oregon coast to Vancouver BC.

  4. I AM TX

    05 Oct 2017
    Every once in a while a project comes along you’re compelled to work on regardless of budget, time, resources, or any other constraint. You simply have to be a part of it, and any barrier to you doing so becomes a secondary concern—mere background noise. ‘I AM TX’, a new…

  5. Odessa

    10 Jun 2017