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  1. Las Grietas

    17 Jun 2019

    Earlier this year I was commissioned by filmmaker Valentino R. Sandoli to shoot poster art and unit stills for his new short film Las Grietas, starring Spanish actresses Cecilia Freire and Cristina Marcos. We had a ton of fun on this project, mainly thanks to an amazing (and talented)…

  2. I AM TX

    05 Oct 2017

    Every once in a while a project comes along you’re compelled to work on regardless of budget, time, resources, or any other constraint. You simply have to be a part of it, and any barrier to you doing so becomes a secondary concern—mere background noise. ‘I AM TX’, a new…

  3. Finding the Heart of the City

    07 Mar 2017

    Legendary blues singer Miss Lavelle White at Skylark Lounge Austin is, by and large, a music city. Dig past the superficial title of Live Music Capital of the World, past the spectacle of SXSW and ACL Festival, and you will find a vibrant, dynamic, and almost preternaturally active collection…

  4. Bad Hombres

    07 Mar 2017

    Unpublished series shot last year with BLXPLTN to accompany their new album New York Fascist Week. Originally titled ‘Gangsters’, I’ve chosen to release this short visual story with a more appropriate title reflective of the times.

  5. ‘Digital Boogey Man’ Visual Album Preview

    22 Dec 2016

    Preview from a new project with Austin, TX producer and hip-hop artist Curbside Jones.

  6. Drinking from Shoes at FEST 15

    03 Nov 2016

    For those not familiar, FEST is an annual punk rock music festival currently on its 15th year that takes over downtown Gainesville, FL every October. That’s the short of it, because describing it as merely a music festival doesn’t come close to capturing the magic of FEST. It’s the one special time…

  7. PUP // Sidewinder, Austin TX

    15 Jun 2016

  8. Ghost // Emo’s, Austin TX

    27 Apr 2016

  9. In The Water with BLXPLTN

    23 Sep 2015

    Stoked to finally share my latest collaboration with one of the coolest bands in Austin. 3 long, wet, sunburnt hours and worth every second.

  10. Deafheaven // Fun Fun Fun Fest 9

    05 Dec 2014

  11. Run The Jewels // Do512 Lounge, Austin TX

    16 Oct 2014

  12. Otis The Destroyer // Warehouse Live, Houston TX

    18 Feb 2014