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  1. Teenage Nightmare

    08 Apr 2020

    Our last piece before quarantine for Kalblut Magazine made in collaboration with the marvellously talented wardrobe designer, Carol Bernal. Starring: Ziyi Yang, Jose Luis Mendes, Mario Pinedo, Alima Princesse, and Luca AtecaPhotography and Direction by: Carlos J. MatosCustom Garments Designed, Created, and Styled by: Carol BernalWardrobe Assistant:

  2. The Line

    03 Oct 2018

    Created as a series of screen grabs from a fictional 1970s film and shot in 2:1 anamorphic format, The Line is a unique cinematic take on the traditional fashion editorial. Published in Fashion Grunge issue #3.I didn’t know where we were going or if they’d ever catch up to