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  1. 2091 Nomination Announcement

    11 Sep 2020

    As much of a mixed bag as 2020 has been for anything with a pulse (and some things without), there’s one constant bright spot I’m extremely grateful for in the unexpected stream of nominations 2091 has received. It’s a pleasure to announce these on behalf of myself and everyone on…

  2. 2091 Teaser

    30 Apr 2020

    After a year and a half of work, of blood sweat and tears, of headaches and setbacks, of complex and seemingly endless post-production, but most importantly uplifting collaboration with indescribably talented people who kept me going through it all, my latest project is nearly ready. It is, without a doubt,…

  3. Blink.

    14 Mar 2020

    My first short film, Blink., is finally available to the public! Premiered in North America at the Rio Grind Film Festival in Vancouver as part of their official selection and in Europe at the SHORT to the Point Film Festival in Bucharest, where it was a semi-finalist in the…

  4. Las Malditas

    14 Nov 2019

    I’m extremely excited to finally share this collaboration, shot over the summer, with directors Bea Hohen, Bruno Ojeda, and my good friend Adonis Macias, DOP.  It was an honor to work with such a stellar crew and shoot both set stills and poster images for this project. The film, titled …

  5. Las Grietas

    17 Jun 2019

    Earlier this year I was commissioned by filmmaker Valentino R. Sandoli to shoot poster art and unit stills for his new short film Las Grietas, starring Spanish actresses Cecilia Freire and Cristina Marcos. We had a ton of fun on this project, mainly thanks to an amazing (and talented)…