Teenage Nightmare

Our last piece before quarantine for Kalblut Magazine made in collaboration with the marvellously talented wardrobe designer, Carol Bernal.

  • Starring: Ziyi Yang, Jose Luis Mendes, Mario Pinedo, Alima Princesse, and Luca Ateca
  • Photography and Direction by: Carlos J. Matos
  • Custom Garments Designed, Created, and Styled by: Carol Bernal
  • Wardrobe Assistant: Paloma Tapia-Ruano
  • Production Manager: Irene Montes
  • Hair and Makeup Designer: Jen Barreiro
  • Hair and Makeup: Marina Torres Blanco
  • Special Makeup Effects: Pablo Diaz
  • Art Director: Maria Gracheva
  • Set Designer: Eva Yatsutko
  • First Photo Assistant: Angelo Azzaretto
  • Special Thanks to: Agencia River Model Agency
  • “Skycrapers Light” Written and Performed by: Sequel Police

Stay safe out there, everyone.